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Collaboration Insights

Team Insights:

Data Visualization, UX, UI


Who is "Team Insights" for?

In the age of hybrid work, employers need to adapt to how teams work best and create experiences that reach everyone. Team Insights is the empowering tool we have for people to thrive at work collectively.

In the early stage of the process, we quickly realized there are two main types of teams:

Static teams: Most likely based on reporting structures. A group of people who report into the same people manager.

Dynamic teams: Most likely based on projects. A group of cross-functional individuals who work on the same project without reporting hierarchies necessarily.


Working from home has made a lot of people's boundaries between work and life blurry. People end up working longer hours. The sense of isolation and lack of social interaction with their coworkers also make it harder to get through the pandemic. 

At the beginning of the project, well-being quickly became one of the main pillows we want to tackle with Team Insights. 

From early user studies, we learned that well-being can be quite broad. With the unique position we are at Webex, we decided to focus on work-life balance and meeting fatigue related areas for MVO.

Team Insights
sneak peek

PI Sneakpeak.png

UI design

Design with the new Webex design system

2020 was also the year Webex went through a complete rebranding. Because of the product timeline, we had to start designing with the old design system and switch to the new one later in the year.

Due to the nature of this project, while utilizing existing design patterns defined by the creative team, we also went out of the box and created our own elements.

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